When I am surfing the net while doing research or other things, I wish that I could have a way to group similar websites that I can just toggle in the browser to have some sort of a workstation. For instance, if I am researching, I would want that in just a single click, research-related websites would then show up (as tabs) ready for action. Similarly this can be used in terms of entertainment or social networking sites. So I had an idea, what if there’s a browser extension that can allow me to save and view sets of browser tabs that I would like to group based on my own criteria? There came Tabs2Workspaces.

Tabs2Workspaces is a Google Chrome extension that I developed that groups tabs into workspaces which can later be opened (in groups of course). I know that this kind of extension already exists but I believe that it is not a crime to make another one. Right?

So what can you do with Tabs2Workspaces? Here is a list of features:

  • Save tabs of the current window into a workspace.
  • Open workspaces into the current window (all of the other tabs will be closed)
  • Or open workspaces into a new window!
  • Rename and remove saved workspaces.
So basically, it has the basics of what it should be. I have several ideas for new features that I may or may not include in future releases depending on some factors. I am also thinking about developing for other browsers.
If you are interested in Tabs2Workspaces, check its Official Website. Try it out! It’s pretty cool!
As a little form of sharing, this is the very first Google Chrome extension I developed so have mercy on me!

The BME International 24 Hour Programming Competition Qualification Round

Yesterday, February 27, 2010, the 24 Hour Programming Competition Electronic Contest which serves as the qualifying round for the world finals was held. EMESPEE Coders (me, Jolo and Excel) were one of the teams DLSU-TraP asked to participate. As you might have read from my previous post, the contest was scheduled to start at 5:00pm and end at 10:00 pm (Philippine Time).

No TraP team made it to the top 30, thus, no one from the organization would be able to participate in the World Finals. It was a nice experience though. Although, the problems were really out of this world for our (the EMESPEE Coders) level of education at this point in time. We haven’t taken up image processing nor WAVE file processing and the most deadly part, we don’t know yet how to create a compiler! Well, despite all that, we still tried solving those that we can solve. Although we haven’t really figured out the right way of solving them because we still have problems passing correct solutions.

Well, as I have said, it was a nice experience. We’ve learned a lot of lessons and one of them is: “Be always prepared in whatever you are planning to do.” So that’s all for this post. Until then, happy reading! 😀

BME International 24-Hour Programming Competition

On February 27, 2010, EMESPEE Coders (me, jolo and excel) would join the elimination round of the International 24-Hour Programming Competition. Don’t panic because it is just the elimination round and the name of the contest doesn’t apply yet. Meaning, the elimination round would not be held for a day. Instead, it would be a 5 hour online competition. And yes, for now, it would only be online. Participants don’t need to go to Hungary where the finals would be held.

In Hungary, where the server of the online competition is placed, the elimination round would start at 10:00 am (Hungary time) which is 5:00 pm here in the Philippines. We would be going to DLSU and compete there. I hope that it won’t be that hard and that we would be able to make it to the finals where we would be competing against the world’s best. By the way, only 30 teams from the elimination round would be chosen to participate in the finals.

Well, that’s all. Wish us luck! Let’s hope and pray that we would be one of the world finals participants. I guess I’ll stop here. Until then, happy reading! 😀

Meet Lakakucharita

I’m Kenneth Reyes a student of De La Salle University taking up BS Computer Science with specialization in Software Technology. I’m also a member of the ICPC-TraP (InterCollegiate Programming Contest Training Pool) which represents DLSU in local and/or international programming competitions. Last year, me and my TraP teammates (Excel and Jolo) decided to form the programming team EMESPEE Coders. EMESPEE is a slang form of the acronym MSP which stands for Minsan, Sana, Pwede. We are planning to join local and international competitions. For now, we are working on our entry for the Imagine Cup. Wish us luck! 😀 You can also contact us if you want us to do some programming work for you.

My other computer related interests are: 3D and 2D Animation, Game Development and Desktop Publishing. Aside from programming and other computer stuff, I also love playing the guitar. Sometimes, I also compose my own songs. I really love Urbandub. Idol!! I also have an interest in writing stories.

Maybe you’re wondering where the name “lakakucharita” came from. Well here’s the story behind it. When I was about to play Restaurant City and in the process I was thinking of what would be a nice name for it. Then I stumbled up with this silly combination of words or maybe expressions. “La”, a certain French expression and “Kucharita” which is a Filipino term for a tablespoon. I decided to combined them and place a “ka” in between. Then “Lakakucharita” was born.

Well, that’s me and a little about lakakucharita. Now you know! Haha. Well, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. By the way, I’m open to comments, suggestions or any violent reactions so feel free to leave a comment.